Aviation Safety Management (AviationSM) provides integrated and development-centered aviation safety- and management-related services to State civil aviation authorities and aviation service providers. It has been established with the express intent of offering effective and implementable solutions that take into account the overall aviation system in the State and promote self-sufficiency through the development of internal capabilities.


State Safety Programme (SSP)

Enable a State to develop, establish and implement a sustainable national safety programme that takes into account the size and complexity of aviation activities in the State and in full compliance with ICAO State Safety Programme (SSP) requirements.

State Safety Oversight (SSO) System

Enable a State to establish and maintain a sustainable State safety oversight (SSO) system based on the effective implementation of the Critical Elements (CEs) of a State’s safety oversight system. Conduct safety oversight audits based on ICAO audit protocols.

Safety Management System (SMS)

Enable aviation service providers to establish and maintain an effective and sustainable safety management system (SMS) on the basis of the requirements in Annex 19 – Safety Management to the Convention on International Civil Aviation.

Courses, Seminars & Workshops

Enable States and aviation service providers to enhance personnel capabilities and competency through the provision of training related to SSP, SSO, SMS, accident investigation, Training Managers, and leadership and management.

Aviation Safety Management (AviationSM) is committed to partnering with States and aviation service providers to build their internal capacity and ensure sustainability and continuous improvement. We do not believe in perpetuating dependency and are dedicated to delivering at the highest level of professionalism and integrity.

Captain Haile Belai

Founder & General Manager, AviationSM